Your face is unique.
So should be your treatment.

Body Lab Amsterdam, BodyLab, Lara Boverhoff, Лара Боверхофф, face massage Amsterdam, body massage Amsterdam
Body Lab —
your beauty partner
We are certified estheticians, based in Amsterdam. We help ladies to look and feel better and believe in the power of personal connection combined with soft, non-invasive techniques. At Body Lab you get an experience, bringing calmness and joy during uncertain times. The result is not only a smooth and radiant look, but also a relaxed state of mind. We stand for:
Hyper-personalized massage and pain-free treatments with no injections
Professional products with safe ingredients
Authenticity in communication, long-term beauty strategy
Body Lab Amsterdam, BodyLab, Lara Boverhoff, Лара Боверхофф, face massage Amsterdam, body massage Amsterdam
Custom face and body
care, made gently
Personal approach
A step-by-step process towards your beauty
It's all about you — we'll discuss your preferences and concerns, analyze the skin's current state.
During tailormade treatment you'll feel relaxed, calm and present.
An advice on what to use at home for result support — is always a part of skincare in Body Lab.
Your feedback
I just woke up and this is something! No bruises even after sleeping, no swelling. I woke up with such a radiant and fresh face for the first time after last five years! ❤️ ❤️
after signature sculpting face massage
Thank you so much! My skin is nourished, revived ✨. Today's effect surprised me — you can transform the face in just 1.5 hours!
after signature sculpting face massage
I look in the mirror, and 20-year-old Anya with awesome cheekbones and a chiseled face is looking at me. Oh cool!
after signature sculpting face massage
My husband said that I look younger and my skin just shines! Thank you very much for such miracles, Lara!
after signature sculpting face massage
I would like to thank you again for your work! Today was the third day after our procedure, and the face is so fresh and nourished that it requires a minimum of cream or any kind of care! Let's make a new appointment soon 👏
after signature sculpting face massage
When an expert does a signature face massage, she is like a chef from a Michelin restaurant: in an incomprehensible way she determines which masks, peels, creams and massage techniques to use in order to achieve an impeccable result and a feeling of novelty of the procedure.
after signature sculpting face massage
that work
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